Artwork  This relates to the artwork you supply to us for Branding purposes.  All that’s required from you is:- To send us the BEST rendition of your logo, wording etc,  that you have, preferably in a VECTOR format. - e.g.  PDF, Corel, Illustrator or PNG format. (Bmp’s, Gif’s and Jpg’s are composed of pixels which can frustrate and blur the digitizing process, particularly on small pocket size embroideries.) The font name and/or font file of any unusual fonts contained in the logo. NO NO’s Postage stamp sized logo jpg’s are generally not good enough. To convert or save a Jpg or Bmp to a Pdf is defeating the object. The pixellation will remain as in the original pic. Word doc artwork is the absolute worst - The Pits “PTHOOOO”. Saving or designing a logo in Word is like putting on a brand new pair of shoes and then stepping in deep Doggy Poo. Word is not an artwork program, and was never intended for high definition artwork. Please bear in mind, that our reproduction is directly linked to the artwork you supply us. We still try to make BMW’s out of Volkswagens, but it’s not always possible if the VW is a wreck. So don’t be lazy..find the original artwork your logo was designed in..somebody must have it. Once you have sent us the work of art, we then provide you with an accurate full colour 3D image depiction of what the logo will look like in stitches, engraving, sublimation etc for you approval, changes and comments. Beautiful ! Branding Main Page Promotional Stuff Specials, New Ranges, Promotions BEE Rating & Certificate