Use of Promotional Merchandise is without doubt, the best value in advertising, and one of the most effective ways for entities to promote themselves and their brand image. Think Ferrari, BMW, Manchester United etc. etc. A Logo used on Promotional Merchandise moves around, royalty-free, gets used and displayed continually, usually for extended periods, and is always received positively.  Furthermore the possibilities and variations are limitless. Think of what the expression “EYE-CATCHING” means ! “A bird may be known by its song” - unknown proverb. ADVICE !!! It’s very important that the branding method go hand- in-hand with the type and substrate of items that you are Branding. The menu on the left will give you a better idea of their advantages & disadvantages, before deciding   THEN PONDER THIS :  How many of THESE                             could you market without brand identification? Branding Main Page Promotional Stuff Specials, New Ranges, Promotions BEE Rating & Certificate
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